The Bird Tribes - Feathers of Freedom

Reconnecting and celebrating with the bird tribes.

I‘ve been gathering feathers for about a decade. I‘ve collected them from all across the world and received some of them as a gift. Recently, I received the impulse to «set them free».

The intention was given: Freeing trapped experiences, liberating myself symbolically from limitations of the past.

So I did some rituals to give them back to nature and sent the rest of hundreds of feathers back into the world to people all across the globe, who – themselves – set up some individual rituals, honoring the birds, nature and themselves, to celebrate our inherent freedom and to honor the support of true nature.

It’s a great joy for me to see where the feathers landed and what beautiful actions they inspired on their current journey. In awe for the global power of connection and freedom.

Thanks to all of my dear fellow travellers!


The image is a compliation of photos that give an impression of the rituals people did with the feathers they received.
The mosaic keeps evolving as photos are sent to me.