Get Guidance from the
Soul Alchemist Cards

2020…the world started to visibly turn upside down… something needed to happen for re-connection, collaboration and creation of new magic and beauty. What started as a single vision, turned out to ripple out all across the world: More than 60 visionary artists from all across the world brought their unique expression and vision for a better world into the bigger picture; Creating a huge piece of art consisting of 79 different paintings. Every single painting – thus every single card in this box – brings huge magical and healing properties for a new world. There are two different types of cards in the box coming with a booklet: The Portal Cards will activate the path for you and the Guidance Cards will lead you through the unknown to the remembrance of who you truly are and what you came here to be.

Receive the Wisdom of
You Are Alchemy Cards

This Card Deck «You Are Alchemy» supports you in experiencing how everything we encounter is an expression of alignment or an invitation for alignment with life. It helps you to explore the different layers of perspectives and to dive into the depths and the heights of being: Ultimately revealing their wisdom for your very unique path towards living your purpose.

The Card Deck was created and co-created with inspirations of 55 friends, throughout an intuitive process and carries the essence of her soul’s journey within. Not only the words but also the paintings, the graphics and the hidden secrets of the cards were designed by her.

See through the fears in your everyday life and you will transform your challenges into alchemical change.

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Soul Alchemist Card Deck
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You Are Alchemy Card Deck
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