Journey Beyond the Rainbow

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With the Journey Beyond the Rainbow you take a step closer to yourself, get to know yourself more and anew and the same time you participate in a grand, global creation in the sense of the great, magical whole. And who knows – maybe you will get inspired by others, receive new impulses and make new friends?

  1. Below click on an image that speaks to you - doesn't matter whether it is colored or grayscale.
  2. Sign up, if you like the challenge.
  3. Share the outcome of your exploration once you've completed it.
  4. Never forget that it's all about joy.

Welcome on a journey to the unknown, someplace new and to your most essential uniqueness.

We are all part of the greater whole yet entire ourselves. Each and everyone of us consists of a unique, non-recurring composition of «elements» and each and everyone of us contributes their very own present to the greater whole.

How does this journey work?

All images are available for selection. The coloured ones have already been selected by someone, but you can take on this challenge as well.

Choose a piece that speaks to you by clicking on the respective square and you will be revealed what energies and elements are behind it and what challenge the image holds for you. Let yourself be inspired by it and devote some time to your impulses and to experience what arises from them.

Sound complicated? Just click through and try it out. There are instructions guiding you otherwise we are happy to answer any questions you may have (you can also use the contact form).

Together with you we let ourselves be surprised where this journey leads and which new colors are revealed to you and all of us.


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That's how it works

  1. Click on an image that piques your interest.
  2. A new page will open, revealing a specific challenge for you.
  3. If you feel inspired, accept the challenge with one click!
  4. Decide when you want to do the challenge and then engage with it over the next 5 days.
  5. Reflect on what this challenge triggers in you or what it has in store for you in terms of insights, new ideas and inspiration.
  6. Let us know in one sentence what was the most impressive thing about this challenge for you and upload a picture that comes from your challenge or represents it symbolically.

Attention, completely voluntary: A lot of heart and soul and a lot of joyful work has gone into this travel platform. We are therefore happy about every contribution that comes from the heart and that you can give with joy. But we would be even happier if you courageously embark on new journeys of discovery with many others and get involved in this way.

Your Idea/Question

Do you have an idea for a challenge? Share it with us as more will be coming...

Now sure what to do? Write us and we will assist you
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Indecisive? Let the dice guide you!

With the 3 dice that appear below, you can ask the universe to choose a challenge for you. Once you click on the first dice, the second and then the third appear.

Divine Infinity

The first dice chooses for you the element (the color of the cube), the second chooses for you the dimension (the colored section of the cube), and the third chooses the structure (the specific image with the challenge behind it). It may be that the «randomly» chosen image is further down, so you'll have to scroll through the page to find it. It is now displayed to you as the only colored image!

For those who would like an overview of possible combinations: The basic idea behind the overall picture is shown in the table on the right.


Red - Fire

Orange - Air

Yellow - Metal

Green - Earth

Blue - Water

Purple - Ether

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