Cookies Used on our Site

A «cookie» is a small text file stored on your computer by web sites you have visited. Cookies are used to provide the visitors of web sites access to different features and functionalities. The information contained in the cookie can be used to monitor the way you are using the Internet. According to the European Union's e-privacy directive all of our visitors must have access to information which declare that this site is using cookies and describe the reason they are used. Visitors must also consent to the use of these cookies.

This web site is using the following cookies:

Cookie name Purpose Type
Varies, and is an alphanumeric string or characters Session ID cookie. Used by our site's software (Joomla) to identify your current session and allow logging in to our site. Mandatory
joomla_user_state Used by our site's software (Joomla) for purposes of logging into our site. Mandatory
cookiesck Used to remember whether you have consented to using cookies on our site Mandatory


This web site makes use of the third party video streaming service «YouTube» to display videos, e.g. in the Video Archive of our site. Videos are embedded using YouTube's no cookie option.

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